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Megan / Mikkel | Genderfluid | She/Her or He/Him | Bi/Pansexual | 30 |
Married | Democratic Socialist | Cat Owner | Fanfic writer |
Reader | Hufflepuff | Fangirl/boy | Multi-fandom | Multi-shipper |
History buff | Geek | Chaotic Good.

Hello there! I'm not sure why you are here or reading this, but hello! I'm Megan|Mikkel. See general details about me above. I've been writing fanfiction for over 10 years and have lurked way longer.

🌟 This journal is friends only.
🌟 Read my fics here.
🌟 Follow me! I love having friends to talk to about fandom. AO3, Goodreads, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

BLANKET PERMISSION: If you read one of my fics and want to... translate it into another language, create fanart, make a podfic, write a side story/tribute fic, make a fanmix, create a fanvid, then please go ahead! All I ask is for the original author credit, a link to original story and a link to your creation. If you want to continue a fic please ask me first. And please no remixes (sorry not sorry).


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